Several people have been injured in clashes in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

The trouble started when nationalist supporters of former president Suharto clashed with demonstrators near the former dictator’s residence.

There have been numerous violent protests near Suharto’s home by students calling for him to be tried for gross human rights abuses.

About 100 supporters of former dictator Suharto clashed with 40 anti-Suharto demonstrators.

Several of the demonstrators were injured.

Dozens of police officers were on hand during the clash but did not intervene.

The former autocrat, who ruled Indonesia with an iron fist for 32 years before being forced from office in a violent student uprising in 1998, is standing trial on charges of embezzling about 570 (m) million U-S dollars from state coffers.

Suharto denies any wrongdoing.

Earlier, the pro-Suharto forces had demonstrated outside the U-N building in Jakarta over what they see as unwanted interference in their country by the international community.

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“Me and my people say “stop interfering in our country, yeah, even East Timor, we don’t need Australia.”
SUPER CAPTION: Faisal Riza Rahmat, Chairman of Indonesian Nationalist Group

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